AWS Updates WE 31 Mar 2024

Updates to AWS in the last week relevant for HPC practitioners in the week ending 31 Mar 2024

AWS Updates WE 31 Mar 2024

Wondering which orchestration method to use for HPC workloads on Azure? You’re in luck. The nice people at AWS have cooked up a little guide for you:

Choosing the right compute orchestration tool for your research workload | Amazon Web Services
Running big research jobs on AWS but not sure where to start? We break down options like Batch, ECS, EKS, and others to pick the right tool for your needs. Lots of examples for genomics, ML, engineering, and more!

Was AWS Batch with multi container jobs you were pining for? Time to celebrate then:

Run large-scale simulations with AWS Batch multi-container jobs | Amazon Web Services
Industries like automotive, robotics, and finance are increasingly implementing computational workloads like simulations, machine learning (ML) model training, and big data analytics to improve their products. For example, automakers rely on simulations to test autonomous driving features, robotics companies train ML algorithms to enhance robot perception capabilities, and financial firms run in-depth analyses to better […]

If SecOps / InfoSec / CISO are insisting on reducing your HPC performance on cloud by running some form of monitoring on your workers maybe GuardDuty will have you covered?

Amazon GuardDuty EC2 Runtime Monitoring is now generally available

Using M7a? It’s available in a few more regions now

Amazon EC2 M7a instances are now available in additional regions

as are c7gn.metal

Amazon EC2 C7gn metal instance is now available

What about Compute Optimizer (you really should talk to us instead!). Well it now supports memory utilization as a parameter and a few new instance types

AWS Compute Optimizer introduces memory customizability for EC2 rightsizing recommendations
AWS Compute Optimizer now supports 51 new EC2 instance types

That'a all folks!