Fungible Cloud Compute

Are we likely to see standardised and fungible cloud compute any time? Do we need to?

Fungible Cloud Compute

As useless as NFTs have proven to be, I’m rather hoping that if nothing else they’ve given wider understanding of the word fungible to the world.

History shows us that the standardisation and fungibility of goods has generally led to wider adoption and decreased prices. That has been true many times in the past, whether its electricity, barrels of oil or wheat.

So how much longer before we see the newest utility of our time, cloud compute, standardised and fungible?

I don’t think any of the hyperscalers have any interest in doing that, and why would they?  

But what if there was a way to make cloud compute fungible without having to standardise it? Could we benefit from the reduced prices, increased competition that would bring without needing a standardised form of compute?