High Performance Software Foundation

New open source foundation dedicated to High Performance Computing launched

High Performance Software Foundation

Monday 13th May, at ISC 24 in Hamburg, saw the launch of the High Performance Software Foundation. 

High Performance Software Foundation

This is great news! I’ve often wondered why, in a world in which OSS has become so prevalent, we have such a gaping chasm in the HPC space.

It looks like the Linux Foundation has been busy working away on this since November last year (and there is still a lot more work to be done). I’m very happy that it is the Linux Foundation behind this. Their success with CNCF and commitment to OSS is nothing short of exemplary.

I’m particularly keen on the following statement from the HPSF website: 

“Cloud HPC is growing. HPC is a growth area, and cloud users need a portable, production- ready software stack that can be sustained and advanced over time.“

Multi or portable cloud HPC is something that we’ve been working on (and delivered for some clients) for a while now. Things to make this easier are very welcome and we’d be keen to get involved in that space.

I do have some questions though.

AWS is a premier member (this means they get to appoint a member to the governing board). Sure, that makes sense. Where are the other hyperscalers though? I do hope that this won’t be a case of AWS dominating HPSF at the expense of solutions that are truly portable across clouds.

Speaking of AWS, I’m also a little perplexed about their decision to donate HTC Grid to FiNOS. Seems like it would have been a good fit for HPSF? I guess they’re both under the Linux Foundation in any case.

I’m sure all these questions and many others will be answered in due course! I’m really looking forward to seeing HPSF become a huge success.