HPC Cloud Updates WE 12 May 2024

Updates to AWS, Azure & GCP in the last week relevant for HPC practitioners

HPC Cloud Updates WE 12 May 2024


ElasticCache requires a minimum of TLS v1.2

Amazon ElastiCache updates minimum TLS version to 1.2

Inf2 instances available in more regions including London

Amazon EC2 Inf2 instances, optimized for generative AI, now in new regions

R7i available in Gov Cloud

Amazon EC2 R7i instances are now available in AWS GovCloud (US-East) Region


Azure now available in Mexico

General Availability: Microsoft Azure now available from new cloud region in Mexico | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure
Microsoft has announced the opening of its first hyper-scale cloud region in Mexico.

Not HPC specific but if you’re managing a lot of APIs in your HPC estate this could be handy non the less

General Availability - Azure API Center | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure
Azure API Center is now generally available, providing a centralized solution to manage the challenges of API sprawl, which is exacerbated by the rapid proliferation of APIs and AI solutions. Azure API Center offers a unified inventory for seamless discovery, consumption, and governance of API…

Ultra Disk available in Italy North

Azure Ultra Disk Storage is now available in Italy North | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure
Now available in Italy North region, Azure Ultra Disk Storage provides high-performance along with sub-millisecond latency for your most-demanding workloads.

Standby pools for Azure VM Scale Sets

Public preview: Standby pools for Virtual Machine Scale Sets with flexible orchestration | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure
Standby Pools for Virtual Machine Scale Sets with Flexible Orchestration provides the ability to reduce scale out latency and increase scale out performance.

and some key info from us on this here

Azure Scale Sets Standby Pools
Have VMs ready to go in a pool of standby machines for your VMSS


Another quiet week from GCP on the HPC front.