HPC Cloud Updates WE 14 Apr 2024

Updates to AWS, Azure & GCP in the last week relevant for HPC practitioners

HPC Cloud Updates WE 14 Apr 2024


C7i instances now available in Paris. Good news for French banks running their risk analytics on AWS.

Amazon EC2 C7i instances now available in Europe (Paris)

Spot Consolidation for K8

Applying Spot-to-Spot consolidation best practices with Karpenter | Amazon Web Services
This post is written by Robert Northard – AWS Container Specialist Solutions Architect, and Carlos Manzanedo Rueda – AWS WW SA Leader for Efficient Compute Karpenter is an open source node lifecycle management project built for Kubernetes. In this post, you will learn how to use the new Spot-to-Spot consolidation functionality released in Karpenter v0.34.0, […]


More security woes at Azure

Microsoft employees exposed internal passwords in security lapse | TechCrunch
The tech giant secured a cloud storage server that was inadvertently spilling Microsoft internal data and credentials to the open internet.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you worried, Microsoft edge us closer to Q day too

Advancing science: Microsoft and Quantinuum demonstrate the most reliable logical qubits on record with an error rate 800x better than physical qubits - The Official Microsoft Blog
Today signifies a major achievement for the entire quantum ecosystem: Microsoft and Quantinuum demonstrated the most reliable logical qubits on record. By applying Microsoft’s breakthrough qubit-virtualization system, with error diagnostics and correction, to Quantinuum’s ion-trap hardware, we ran more than 14,000 individual experiments without a single error. Furthermore, we demonstrated more reliable quantum computation by…


Everything that was announced this week at Cloud Next

Google Cloud Next 2024 wrap up | Google Cloud Blog
A recap of product, customer and partner announcements from Google Cloud Next ’24 conference.

Improved Connectivity to Japan could be useful in FSI

Pacific Connect initiative to expand | Google Cloud Blog
Google to invest $1 billion in digital connectivity to Japan with Proa and Taihei subsea cables, plus extensions of Tabua and TPU systems.

Late to the party, but Google finally has its own ARM CPUs

Introducing Google’s new Arm-based CPU | Google Cloud Blog
The custom Axion Arm-based processor is designed for general-purpose workloads like web and app servers, databases, analytics, CPU-based AI, and more.