Misadventures in HPC Cloud Migration #3

Following the migrating HPC to cloud series? Time to put down the popcorn and concentrate.

Misadventures in HPC Cloud Migration #3

Part 3 already, about time we get into some HPC specifics then! And the first of these happens before a single line of code runs on the cloud.

The picture below is the understanding many (not us seasoned HPC specialists of course) have of what HPC running on premises looks like. It’s a lovely fairy tale.

Like most fairy tales though, it just not quite true. There’s more missing from the picture than from FTX’s bank accounts.

Underestimating what it takes to run a HPC application is often the first misstep in the migration to cloud. HPC is so often considered to be a “easy win”. A large amount of homogenous compute that can be shifted to cloud with little effort.

Sadly, that’s rarely if ever true and so often the undoing of a migration effort.