Quantum #15

Issue #15 of the weekly HPC newsletter by HMx Labs.

Quantum #15

It’s race week! We’ll be at Oulton Park this weekend with Khanage Racing for the next round of the Porsche Club AM Championship.

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In The News

Updates from the big three clouds on all things HPC.

HPC Cloud Updates WE 23 Jun 2024
Updates to AWS, Azure & GCP in the last week relevant for HPC practitioners

Not one but two more super computers coming soon to the EU.

EuroHPC JU Lays Groundwork for Two New Super Computers
The Euro HPC Joint Undertaking has been busy! Not one but two new super computers on the cards in the EU are on the cards. Signature of the Hosting Agreement for the Second European Exascale Supercomputer, Alice RecoqueThe EuroHPC Joint Undertaking has signed a hosting agreement with GENCI for its

Elon’s new supercomputer to be powered by Dell & Supermicro servers

Dell & Supermicro to build xAI Supercomputer
Dell & Supermicro to build xAI’s Giga AI Factory

From HMx Labs

A few more thoughts on generative AI and software development

AI Code Generation & The Evolution of Coding
What effect will AI generated code have on software development

The antithesis to the new EU supercomputers, ephemeral supercomputers!

Ephemeral Super Computers
We’re already familiar with ephemeral infrastructure in the cloud for many things. Are ephemeral super computers really such a surprise?