Quantum Issue #4

Issue #4 of the weekly HPC newsletter by HMx Labs.

Quantum Issue #4

Welcome to issue 4. Another tweak to the format this week and I’m curious if this format for updates from the cloud providers is better or worse than last week’s? Let me know!

Either it’s been a quiet week in HPC news or I’ve missed it. Not sure which. Perhaps dear reader you will let me know.

You’re as welcome as ever to contribute, please drop us an email at [email protected] for anything you’d like to see featured or if you’d like to write for Flux by HMx Labs yourself.

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In The News

Cloud HPC News

Updates from the big three clouds on all things HPC

Cloud HPC Updates WE 07 Apr 2024
Updates to AWS, Azure & GCP in the last week relevant for HPC practitioners

From HMx Labs

What is HPC?

Words are important. What does HPC mean in a post cloud world?

What is HPC?
Trying to define what HPC means in a post cloud world.

The Porsche Cup is Fast Approaching!

Porsche Cup Fast Approaching
Getting ready with Khanage Racing for the first Porsche Cup Race

which reminds me… want to join us? Donington and Brands are taken now but you’re welcome to join us at the other circuits.

Rev Your Engines: Join Us Trackside at a Porsche Cup Race!” 🏁
A chance to rub shoulders with real racing drivers, sniff high octane fumes and assault your ears with HMx Labs and Khanage Racing.