VMware Costs & HPC

A look at the changes made by Broadcom to VMware in the context of HPC

VMware Costs & HPC

There sure has been a lot of noise about #VMware the last few days 😊 

Now you’re probably thinking, #HPC users doesn’t care. I mean who runs HPC workloads on VMs anyway right? Right?

Sadly, the answer is actually rather a lot of companies! Often much to the disdain, and raucous protestations of, HPC engineers. But VMs is far too often where they end up in the quest for standardisation across the company.

Now hopefully they saw this coming. Certainly, some of the smaller cloud vendors we work with that used VMWare did.

If you didn’t though… I guess you could migrate to another virtualisation product? Given some of the price hikes I’ve seen though, might be cheaper to just abandon your hardware and move to cloud though!

Which also makes me wonder, in 2023 we saw a number of high profile cloud exits. Anyone know how they achieved software defined infrastructure with that bare metal? Any VMware in the picture? How do those cost savings look now?

r/vmware makes for some interesting reading right now.

Killing VMware
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