AWS HPC Cloud Migration

Nice little video below from HPC Tech Shorts & Brian Skjerven on migrating workload to the cloud.

AWS HPC Cloud Migration

The most interesting take away from it for me though was a reminder that how many HPC systems are dinosaurs (remember the Hpcomputosaurus-rex).

I've been lucky enough to sidestep those systems where compiling binaries is a game of Russian roulette. But let's face it, being stuck with limited CPU architecture options is a harsh reality that many of our clients grapple with day in, day out.

More often than I’d like to admit, the hurdles in moving HPC workload aren’t challenges in transitioning to the cloud. No. That would be too easy. With their buckets of cash, the hyperscalers would have solved that by now. The large slow moving diplodocus of the compute world? Which cloud doesn’t want the revenue from that monster? 

No, the real problem is that you’re dealing with a codebase that was probably first run on something powered by a steam engine. Since then, it’s had just enough investment to make sure it will still crank over. Barely. And then, you’re asked to make it use the drive train from a Tesla instead.