1Password over Vault?

Using 1Password for more than just your passwords

1Password over Vault?

I know I don’t typically talk about products or development tools but I wanted to mention one today that I think has had as much of an impact on my productivity as the much hyped #AI revolution.

I’ve been using 1Password for many years. It’s my preferred password manager and as a password manager its perfectly fine. I’m sure plenty of others are just as good. Recently though, I upgraded to version 8 and pressed it into service to manage not only my own passwords but also manage secrets in the HMx Labs estate and SSH keys. I’m impressed.

Between it managing my SSH keys and environment secrets I’d guess it’s saved me as much time over the last month as everyone’s favourite robot pair programmer. And saved me the cost of a subscription to Vault.

It neatly integrates not only with Git and SSH/SCP but also with various web input forms making spinning up adhoc VMs with my SSH key already installed rather trivial.

The ability to inject passwords into our environment and then manage them all from one place alongside my own passwords is rather convenient to say the least.  

Now if only they had a way to let me self host rather than use their cloud service too….