Moving off cloud? How are you doing IaaS?

Cloud not only gave us someone else’s server to run on, it gave us IaaS. What are you using to replace it if you move back to on premises?

Moving off cloud? How are you doing IaaS?

Are you moving HPC workload off the cloud?

I came across a white paper recently from #IDC (sponsored by #IBM), while the main topic of the paper is actually related to the #FinancialServices industry what caught my eye was a graphic predicting a drop in both cloud AND on prem usage in favour of increased co-location and managed service providers.

There have certainly been high profile cloud exits such as 37signals that moved to a #co-lo facility, so its potentially not such a controversial opinion. (I should probably call it a #hottake anyway for the clicks, right?)

Here’s what I wonder though. So, you have a bunch of shiny new hardware running in your co-lo data centre. How are you addressing that? You’re not telling me you’re using vmware after the recent Broadcom debacle. So what gives? 

#Proxmox? #OpenStack? Back to addressing bare metal? Running K8 on bare metal (not for #HPC though surely)?

Moving to cloud didn’t just mean running on someone else’s server, it also gave us IaaS. Who wants to go back to dealing with bare metal after that?

If you moved off cloud, fancy sharing what you replaced the IaaS component of cloud with in the comments?