Redis Drops Open Source

Redis (the company) has decided to no longer license Redis (the in memory store) with the 3 clause BSD open source license.

Redis Drops Open Source

In a move that is proving to be wildly unpopular, Redis has decided to move away from the 3 clause BSD license, under which it was previously promised to be licensed by its founder.

Redis Adopts Dual Source-Available Licensing | Redis
Beginning today, all future versions of Redis will be released with source-available licenses. Read more on the blog.

While perhaps not a HPC product, the popular in memory cache is often seen in HPC applications to serve inputs to the calculation nodes or store results and intermediate data from the highly parallel computation.

The change is effective immediately and will apply to all future releases. It may also additionally impact the naming of products that do not use the Redis codebase but are compatible such as Upstash.

The most significant impact of the change is to prevent third parties, such as cloud providers, from offering the product as a managed service without first becoming a Redis partner.

I believe Azure Cache for Redis will continue to be available (with additional features, being a licensed product) though other services, such as those offered by Digital Ocean, are likely to be affected.

Need a bit more detail? Check out Theo’s take:

We (HMx Labs) were looking to move off Redis for some of our products anyway and all this has done is highlight some of the alternatives for us to migrate to.