Quantum #14

Issue #14 of the weekly HPC newsletter by HMx Labs.

Quantum #14

Its not long now till we’re at Oulton Park with Khanage Racing for the next round of the Porsche Cup on the 29th of July. Want to join us trackside for the action? Let me know. 

I’m finding that my content on social media posts  gets a lot more visibility when I don’t talk about HPC! 😊 It seems to have become a delicate balancing act of feeding the algorithm mainstream content so keep my posts visible while drip feeding in the HPC content alongside it.

I’m rather hoping that we use this platform to try and avoid the social media algorithm Olympics but in order to do so, I need a little help from you dear reader. We need to grow. But with the right HPC audience. The best people to help me do that is you. If I could trouble you to ask anyone interested in HPC to subscribe at https://cloudhpc.news I would really appreciate it.

 You’re as welcome as ever to contribute, please drop us an email at [email protected] for anything you’d like to see featured or if you’d like to write for Flux by HMx Labs yourself.

In The News

Updates from the big three clouds on all things HPC.

HPC Cloud Updates WE 16 Jun 2024
Updates to AWS, Azure & GCP in the last week relevant for HPC practitioners

A bit of fun with HPC (but some very serious tech involved!)

HPC = High Performance Cartoons
Using HPC for animations. A look at Pixar’s use of HPC to create Elemental.

From HMx Labs

Do you write code? Are you responsible for my code editor being slower than ever?

Faster Hardware. Slower Code
Does anyone try and write efficient software any more?

A topic a really hesitated writing about, but an important one to discuss. Running HPC on containers

HPC = High Performance Containers?
What place does containerisation have in the world of HPC?