Faster Hardware. Slower Code

Does anyone try and write efficient software any more?

Faster Hardware. Slower Code

When I was cutting my teeth in software it was a given that code would be written such that errors became apparent in the following order of preference: compile time, testing, the live environment. Seriously, I still struggle with the lack of const correctness in many languages. C++ PTSD! Unit tests may not have been invented yet. Yes, I know I’m old.

Similarly, we wrote code such that it executed as few times as possible. Heck, if possible, we’d write code that would just be evaluated at compile time. Try telling any JS framework that… 

Does anyone still think like this?

Oooh, I think I know why looking at cat pictures creates more carbon dioxide then all air travel. 

The burden of more efficient compute can’t be left to fall on hardware manufacturers. Doing that for the last two decades has given taken us from a 286 to a Threadripper but for some reason editing my code is now even slower?