Quantum #6

Issue #6 of the weekly HPC newsletter by HMx Labs.

Quantum #6

Issue 6 and the usual release news from your favourite clouds and few other updates this week including a picture of yours truly with Shiraz at Donington. Full race report later this week. 

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In The News

Cloud HPC News

Updates from the big three clouds on all things HPC.

HPC Cloud Updates WE 21 Apr 2024
Updates to AWS, Azure & GCP in the last week relevant for HPC practitioners

The HPC bits from Cloud Next 24

Want to watch just the HPC bits from Cloud Next 24. Here you go

HPC Presentations from Cloud Next 24
The interesting HPC bits from Google Cloud Next 2024

Azure? Linux? Catch up here

Open source and Linux quarterly update from your Microsoft flavoured cloud.

Azure Quarterly Open Source Update - April 2024
Using RHEL or Ubuntu on your Azure cloud VMs? Want to know the latest? Take a read of this Linux and Open Source on Azure Quarterly Update - April 2024Stay up to date with the latest news and developments for Linux and open source on Azure.TECHCOMMUNITY.MICROSOFT.COMHenry Yan

From HMx Labs

HMx Labs was at Donington with Khanage Racing!

Look out for a longer update later in the week.

Full stack devs and nuclear powered smart phones

Full Stack Devs and Code Efficiency
Is our fascination with faster delivery time slowly killing us?

AI Ethics

Human AI Validation
How much time do humans need to devote to validating AI? If any?