Race Report: Donington Park April 2024

Race report from the first round of Porsche Club but with an HMx Labs twist.

Race Report: Donington Park April 2024

Sunday was the first round of the Porsche Cup and the first race of the season with HMx Labs sponsoring Khanage Racing.

Shiraz qualified in P3 and came in P4 and P5 in the two races on the day. Massive improvement from last year!

But you’re not here for the race outcome that you can read on the Porsche Club site… 

Rather fittingly perhaps, joining me this time at the race was Abdullah Khan, Group CTO for SB Media. Never heard of them? Supercar Blondie?

Whilst watching some very impressive cars zip past us, including the GT Cup winning Lotus Evora…

…we discussed a number of topics ranging from outsourcing, to performance testing. From status determination  to AI powered auctions and what data would you’d need to train such a model. From the launch of their new platform SBX Cars (despite the name, nothing to do with us at HMx Labs! 😊) to implementing a new CMS.

Interested in coming along to a race? Give me a shout.