HMx Labs Partner List Expanded

We’ve added some new names to our list of partners

HMx Labs Partner List Expanded

I’ll be first to admit I’m a bit of a hermit. I have a lovely office at home and as such I rather tend to stay in it. Outside of my little office there’s a whole world though and every now and again I’ll get coaxed out into it.

Earlier this week was just such an occasion. HMx Labs recently signed contracts with some new partners and we figured it was about time we met face to face. Was a nice day out, I saw some fancy offices with some nice toys (see the picture!), took a picture of a red hat, and bumped into an old colleague walking back to the station… Which reminds me I need to meet him for coffee so that means leaving my fortress of workitude again.

Focus! Right, we signed some new partners! That means if we ran into problems with not being on your PSL in the past, we should probably have a chat because I’m pretty sure one of our partners will be on the rather exclusive list of yours.

Of course, Transport for London kindly reminded me on my way home why I avoid heading into London 😠 anyway, my office is still nicer