Time for a Rewrite?

Sometimes you should just start again.

Time for a Rewrite?

This is my daughters’ bedroom.

In software, as in home renovation, sometimes it’s better to just tear it all down and start again.

The problem is of course timing. Rarely is that right.

Enterprise systems, on the whole, tend to be left to rot till the licensing cost of some obscure component it uses starts approaching the annual revenue of the company. Or the last person able to actually write code in the (proprietary!) language its written in decides they just want to farm chickens for the rest of their life. 

Don’t get me started on the lifetimes of HPC systems!

Startups and overly keen developers on the other hand tend to want to rewrite something after every YouTube video released by Theo.

Somewhere… between those two extremes there is a happy middle ground. If you find a way to reliably determine it, please let me know too 😊

Oh, before someone calls social services, my daughters’ have the use of an alternative room! They’re not sleeping amongst that rubble!