Quantum #07

Issue 7 of the weekly HPC newsletter by HMx Labs.

Quantum #07

The big news last week for HPC and enterprise software is surely from IBM and HashiCorp. More details below but I think this something we’ll cover in more depth later this week, especially its impact on all things HPC, so stay tuned.

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In the News

Updates from the big three clouds on all things HPC.

HPC Cloud Updates WE 28 Apr 2024
Updates to AWS, Azure & GCP in the last week relevant for HPC practitioners

More on IBM’s acquisition of HashiCorp

IBM to Acquire HashiCorp
Big blue adds HashiCorp to its list of acquisitions.

Open Risk Engine introduces support for GPUs

GPU Support for ORE
Open Risk Engine implements support for GPUs

From HMx Labs

Do we have a skills shortage in the world of supercomuters?

HPC Skills Shortage
Is the HPC workforce ageing out? Or is HPC tech just getting commoditised?

An HMx Labs style race report from Donington Park

Race Report: Donington Park April 2024
Race report from the first round of Porsche Club but with an HMx Labs twist.